Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A 'PSP' tip, that I found on my own!

I was sitting around at work this morning messing my 'PSP' and came across a wonderful discovery. If you are on the 'Home' (or Dashboard esk) screen, and you have been listening to some audio or viewing some photographs (via slide show) and you back out of whatever it is and return to 'Home'; If you are viewing the Music or Photo (not the contents just were you can see how much 'Memory Stick' Free Space there is) and you press the 'Start' button, the device will resume were it left off (either in the song or on a photograph). Please note that this trick/shortcut also works when you turn the 'PSP' off and back on again or if you begin a 'umd' game (I am not sure about 'umd' Movies/Video/Music/Photos) and go back to 'Home'. Anyways, that is just something I happened to stumble upon.