Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ok, I want 'Windows 7'

I have done my research, and the only feedback I am seeing from the general population (public; beta testers) is positive. I am not a beta tester of 'Windows 7'. And to this date, I have not touched 'Windows 7' at all. I have not seen any negative feedback from beta testers of 'Windows 7' what-so-ever. With all the new features that are included in 'Windows 7' aside, 'Microsoft' has got me sold on this product of theirs' when they said, and proved, that this new operating system will operate quickly and stably on machines that are not the expensive computers, running top of the line equipment. An OS that is better than 'Vista' but not as demanding as 'Vista', 'Windows 7' looks very promising to me. Oh, and for the record, I plan on purchasing an OEM version of 'Windows 7 Ultimate', and running it on my quad core 'Vista Ultimate' (OEM version) machine that I primarily use today.