Monday, July 12, 2010

IRT - Himalayas

I was watching a new episode of Ice Road Truckers a couple weeks ago and during one of the commercial breaks they aired a teaser trailer for Ice Road Truckers: Himalayas. I, for one am pretty interested in this new show. I think it said that it would be airing in late 2010. We'll see what happens. (I have briefly looked on the Internet for any information about this new show, but to no avail.)

Tractor Pull Season!

Oh, yes. I love me a good ole tractor pull. And this is the biggest one of the year (for where I live.) What I am speaking of is the 34th annual Lions Super Pull of the South. I have attend this event in the past, you can check-out one of my Flickr pages. Tractor Pulls are very fun, loud and crowded. I would highly recommend anybody to attend at least one in their lifetime, I'm glad I did!