Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Product Review - Razer: Man O'War

As a wonderful gift surprise this past Christmas, I received a new Wireless Razer headset. From the looks of the box, this item seemed professional yet stylish. Let’s dive into it.

First Impressions

The weight of it not too heavy and not light by a long shot. The construction feels flexible and strong. clip_image002The adjustable headband makes it comfortable to wear. Installation (Windows 10) was fast and flawless. This thing sounds great, and it doesn’t get very loud.


In the box

Let’s get to it. Inside the box you get (well, I got) the headset, USB extender/dock and the usual paperwork.

Nightly Driver?

Using this thing in my average American sized apartment, I can walk around most anywhere inside (and most of the back porch) and listen to my podcasts or what-have-you. As I have said before, the sound is great and so is the microphone. I guess I could go without the outside glowing ear cups (but I guess that can be customized in software). Wearing them for a couple hours at a time hasn’t resulted in any ear pain or discomfort, nor have they generated a sweat reaction from around my ears. The software offers a vast amount of customizability (there’s a big fancy word). I have not had much time with this headset to throw it around and rough it up much, but if it breaks or anything I’ll let you know. Enough words, let’s look and some photos I took.



Me Likesclip_image010

Wireless, wireless, wireless! Razer has got this wireless thing down pretty well. I also enjoy the simplicity of dialing up/down the volume as well as the mute button. Another neat feature I like in the design of the headset is how the USB dongle for it clicks back inside them via magnets for portability/mobility and sleekness.

Me Dislikes

I wish they were a bit louder. I would like a stand for it right out of the box (unless you use the outside of the box itself, I guess) for the price. Pairing with the cell phone would be nice (or have I overlooked that?). Other than that, not so much in this section (1st world problems here, I know).


clip_image012 clip_image012[1] clip_image012[2] clip_image012[3] clip_image014/5

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Top Tuesday – Flooring

1.   Hardwood

2.   Laminate

3.   Tile

4.   Shallow Carpet

5.   Thick Carpet