Monday, December 28, 2009 is no more :(

After about 4 successful years, I have made the unanimous decision to shut-down permanently. Well, I guess the url is now available for-sale to the public, but I ain't gonna use it. The reason I decided to do this is because the website was just a personal website of mine that was in no way designed and/or intended to generate any revenue. Yeah, that plus the country I currently reside in is currently going through a terrible recession. So, I think I did the smart thing. That is, quit throwing money into a hole. And yes, I do consider ~$100.00(U.S.C.)/year a considerable amount of money. Good news is, I'm keeping this blog, my Rivashide blog, my Trucker blog, and my 'YouTube' channel/account/video thing going because (as of right now,) they are all free services. The company I went with to host the Rivashide was 'IPOWER'. I had a great experience with this company the entire time, and I would highly recommend them to anybody (that's right, fuck 'Go Daddy'.). Anyways, she had a good run. RIP Rivashide.