Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spread the fire

In celebration of 8 years since the first release of 'Firefox', 'Mozilla' has decided to release it's third version of this internet browser. With over 15,000 improvements, 'Firefox 3' has proven to be the fastest web browser available to-date. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, today is Download Day! What does that mean? Well the "Firefox Parents" over at 'Mozilla' have decided to break a world record for the most downloads in a 24 hour time period. Meanwhile, you can grab your free copy of 'Firefox 3' here. That way, in the future, you can look at the 2008 world record book, turn to the technology/computer/internet section, thumb through it until you get to the most downloaded piece of software in a 24 hour time period. And you can point to that and tell everyone that you helped make that possible. For more proof of that you can print-out your own certificate. I know I will! Well, I have already downloaded it (and printed-out my 2008 download day certificate), and I can't complain about anything. Oh, except for one thing, 'U3'! I can't stress this enough. Someone needs to release a finalized version/build of 'Firefox 3' for 'U3' (USB Thumbdrive) devices. I did manage to find one here, but the installer told me it could not install "due to a possible error in the program package." And I found another one here (can't find the link, sorry. I will fix asap), with the same problem (installation error message) as the first. If anyone out there hears anything, please let me know.