Monday, February 15, 2016

App Review – Wunderlist

Let me tell you something about a little app called Wunderlist. This free, cross-platform, power-horse of a todo list is amazing and is something I have been needing for my day-to-day for a while now. It does just that. Plain and simple, you make a list on your computer and check the items off on your phone or tablet as you run your errands around town. No more utilizing OneNote for this daily task for me anymore. Cons? I don’t see any. Get it today, trust me.
Verdict: WorkWorkWorkWorkWork/5

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W10 so far

I got Windows 10 running on multiple rigs throughout my wide-spread weekly geographical locations. I like it, it is snappy, very clean, very light and easy to work with, chocked full of useful tools some deeply hidden, and consistent. Those are just my top (positive) reasons for the new OS. I really like having the close-to-exact experience across all these rigs. This way, when problems arise (and someone needs my remote assistance) I can easily dial-into their computer and help them out. This makes my job sooooo much easier. It’s clean, light fast and it works (most of the time it works).

So, let me talk about the other times when it doesn’t work. I have run across 2 circumstances where this OS became unstable big time. Let me explain the problems and how I resolved them. First, my personal rig. Long-story-short I would be working along just fine for 20 or so minutes, then suddenly the entire machine would completely freeze (sometimes the speakers making loud, drawn-out tone). This drove me up the wall for weeks, and after investigating the event viewer,reconfiguring all the ram and HDD’s in all configurations feasible, and installing a beefier PSU, it turned out to be the damn USB microphone. I kid you not, people of the interwebs, the mic. So, now I just sit here with it switched off and have no problems at all (knock on wood). Now for the other time, my roommate’s computer. About 2 weeks ago (I guess), his would periodically not load webpages and BSOD on him randomly with different excuses/causes. Ranging from ”Memory Managment”, “Drive Failure” and the confusing “System PTE Misuse”. So,
I tried everything to his that I did to mine, to no avail. Here’s what I did. Updated to latest version of BIOS, reset BIOS to “Failsafe Settings”, formatted OS SSD, clean-installed W10Home to SSD (successfully). EXACT SAME ERROR MESSAGES on following boot! Long-story-short on this one, it turned-out to be a bad stick of RAM. To be honest, that was one of the first things I mentioned to him when he reported to me about his computer acting up. So, he is happy and I am happy.

Moral of the story: Unplug your microphone and test all your RAM.

Please don’t let these 2 experiences discourage you from Windows 10

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Movie Review – Deadpool

Ok, here it is (finally). This hyped-up movie was more than I anticipated it would be. It’s got humor; plenty of one-liners, cultural puns and (let’s say) “remarks”. It’s full of violence and gore. I think the actors were spot-on on their roles. The cameos were funny and well placed. Me being a person whom has never seen these particular comics, I think I got the gist of the character and his universe. I liked this movie (IMAX did it justice) and I am excited for the speculated sequel. No negatives, awesome film.
Verdict: NinjaNinjaNinjaNinjaNinja/5

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So long WLW, Hello OLW

I got Windows 10 (about 5 Months ago?) and I have been itching to start blogging a little again (Happy New Year and Valentines Day btw). Anyways, I had been using Windows Live Writer in the past and Recently discovered (today) that it no longer works with blogger. As you can see in that article, it introduced me to Open Live Writer. Very nice … or very same thing? lol. Whatever, all I know is that it works. Awesome, lets gets stared.Thumbs up

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