Thursday, October 04, 2007

New 'Zunes' are just around the bend

You heard right. 'Microsoft Zune' department has announced (yesterday afternoon) that it's second generation of 'Zunes' will be arriving just in time for this holiday season. Oh, and did I mention podcasts? As a matter of fact, come November (2007), 'Zune' will support podcasts/netcasts. Now, (type-specific) if they are talking about video or audio, or perhaps both I have no clue. But, I do know that sometime in November, 'Microsoft Zune' will release a firmware update as well as a 'Zune Marketplace' update (some kind of "sleek look" or something). Anyways, I am happy with my 30gb white 'Zune' (Launch; Hardware 2.0; Firmware 1.4 (485) ). However, I do plan on purchasing one of these new flash models, just not sure the color yet though. Here is an article.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mission Accomplished

Its true and official, the 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare' multiplayer beta is over. After numerous weeks of bloodshed and air strikes, 'Infinity Ward' has announced that they have gathered sufficient information for the final build thanks to beta player feedback and strenuous network testing. Though it is sad to see a beta that looked and played this damn good up and disappear, I'm sure 'Halo 3' makes up for it. I can definitely say that I am going to get my hands on this game as soon as it hits store shelves, which ain't a bad idea.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Because I'm a Zelda fan

Tomorrow, 'Nintendo' will be releasing 'The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass' to the needy. This highly anticipated 'DS' title is said to pick-up were 'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker's' story left off. Now, I know that this is not a game the clan can use to it's advantage; but I thought I would bring it to everyone's attention that another 'Zelda' game is being launched. On that note, be sure to pick your copy up soon!

The 'Halo 3' Launch I attended.

I guess I should make a statement of the past few days. Yes, I did get the 'Halo 3 Legendary Edition'. And yes, I did wait in line for an excess of 6 hours for (and with) my 2 friends' copies (1 legendary and 1 limited editions).

Allow me to elaborate. When we arrived (around 6pm) I was surprised to find that there were already about 3 people (youngsters/teenagers) already sitting in front of the video game store(keep in mind that I was not in line, my two friends were). As the evening/night progressed, more and more people showed-up. By the time midnight rolled around, I would say there was about 70 to 100 people in line. I can only assume everyone in line received their own copy. But what I do know, however, is everyone who pre-ordered their copy, did receive it (that night, if they were in line for the midnight release).

That being said, I think the 'Halo 3' launch went smoothly. From what I can tell, no one was arrested at the midnight release I was at (though many local squad cars were at hand for this occasion).

My thoughts on the game? I like it a lot! I don't "love" it because I am not too familiar of the storyline. I played maybe 5 minutes of 'Halo (Xbox)', probably 10 minutes of 'Halo 2 (Xbox)' (campaign/story mode), about 2 hours of 'Halo 2 (PC)' (campaign/story mode), and 10 minutes 'Halo 3 (Xbox 360)' (campaign/story mode). So there you have it people, my confession.

So quit reading this and "Finish the fight!"