Tuesday, June 02, 2009

'Windows 7' Update

Short and sweet... 'Windows 7' will go on sale on October 22, 2009. I know I'll be in line for it on that day. Read all about it!

'Zune HD' confirmed and I want one!

I am proud to be considered a "'Zune' fanboy". I got my first-generation White 30 GB 'Zune' at a 'Walmart' the day it came out. I did the same with the second-generation 'Zune' (Black, 80 GB). I will admit that before the first 'Zune' hit in-store shelves I was the owner of a 60 GB 4th generation (I think, not 100% sure though) 'iPod'; as well as a 6 GB (I think, not 100% sure though) 1st generation 'iPod Nano' (white). Enough about my past, lets talk about my future! 'Microsoft' announced last week that they will be releasing their new line of (what they are calling) 'Zune HD' this Fall! Let's just say, I like what I see.