Friday, June 12, 2009

Analog T.V. is no more (in the U.S.)

Earlier today, all Television stations in the United States of America had to cease transmission of their (any) analog signal. And, if they wanted to continue broadcasting "over-the-air" wireless signals, they would have to do so in digital format. We have been hearing about this for a few years now, and today's the day. Where I live, I could only get about 15 channels on analog ("rabbit-ears") Television. Now, using a digital converter box, I can get about 40 channels. I think this was a wise decision for the USA to make. In my experience with digital converter boxes this year, the signal is significantly better, the picture quality is excellent and the number of channels to choose from greatly exceeds that of analog. I will admit that I currently am a cable television subscriber, but in today's economy it might not be a bad idea for me to make the switch to save on monthly costs (if I can figure-out how to get the digital converter box to work with my 'Windows Media Center' TV recorder). Click-Here to read more about this "digital transition".