Friday, February 08, 2008

The writer's strike is now over

According to 'CNBC', the writers strike is over!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

They are calling it a Tennessee Tragedy. The other night, mother nature left a significant footprint on the Southeastern portion of the United States. With minimal warning, Memphis, TN got slapped in the face (so-to-speak), causing significant damage to area shopping complexes and residential units. Then, making it's way over to Jackson, TN, this incredible storm destroyed many dormitories at Union University (U.U.'s Emergency blog), and amazingly caused a 60 eighteen wheeler truck pileup at a truck stop. That's right, all these trucks were parked (not moving at all) when the storm hit. As it made it's way through Nashville, TN, nothing much really happened. In reality, there was unprecedented devastation done to Williamson county, TN, Sumner County, TN and Wilson County, TN (all surrounding Davidson County, TN; where Nashville is located). But for some reason it barely touched Davidson County, TN. In Sumner County, TN, a gas plant exploded and flames shot up around 500 feet in the air, one witness says (a co-worker of mine)! One of the most outrageous stories related to this storm system is the baby that was found alive in a field after storms.

As of right now, the death toll in the state of Tennessee (as a result of this storm system) is 31.

Yesterday, I went out and took some photographs of the storm system's aftermath. I have put them up on my 'flickr' account. As a result of the storm system, President Bush will be paying a visit to affected areas in Tennessee tomorrow (Here is an article).

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families affected by this severely strong storm system.

When I say 'PSP' you say 'Skype'

The day has arrived, the 'Playstation Portable' now has VoIP functionality (AKA: 'Skype'). As promised, this new key feature will only work on 'PSP-2000' (AKA: 'PSP Slim' / 'PSP Lite'). No telling what else (besides the tightened security) firmware 3.90 will bring, but I'm sure not expecting anything else. We shall see what happens.

This update is available in the United States of America via 'Network Update' on the 'PSP' system and Read more.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giants pull a win in 'Super Bowl XLII'

As much as I don't care about football, I am glad to see New York beat New England for the 42nd annual 'NFL Super Bowl'. I think it's cool to watch Eli Manning win his first 'Super Bowl' after Payton Manning won his last year in 2007. Now for the ads, they sucked. For a better use of words, I can't think of any because to me 90% of the commercials aired during the (this) big game this year were more serious than funny. Sure 'Coca-Cola' had some cleverly-adorable ones, but what happened to 'Pepsi'?