Monday, July 14, 2008

My New Cell Phone

Recently, I decided to make a large investment in a 'Samsung Instinct'. Being as though I needed an upgrade from my worn-out i560, were could I go wrong with the 'Instinct'? If you do some research (as I did) and compare these two phones' features (as I did), you can easily see who would not want this phone (it does almost everything). The only immediate drawback that was brought to my attention about this new phone was it would not have 'Direct Connect' (walkie-talkie) functionality in it. Besides that, I can't sync my 'Google Calendar' with this phone (which would be very useful). I have had my new cell phone for a few weeks now, I have been using it to make phone calls, text, check weather; sports; news; e-mail; etc. Anyways, I highly recommend this phone to anyone (who can afford it). I love it, go get ya one!